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CVT Services

We install and provide maintenance to video systems and security cameras: Interior, Exterior and Remote

Security Cameras
  • We offer visual inspection of the video system

  • We will check the main power supply and battery power supply and charging rates of both

  • We'll clean the lenses and housings

  • We offer to clean head-end equipment, verify the correct views, and tightening, adjusting, and testing equipment

  • We'll install recommended firmware updates

  • We'll provide system reviews of all components and provide a log of all the test results

  • We work with AXIS and other reps to secure critical hardware components

We install Gunnebo and Smarter Security  turnstiles and provide preventative maintenance

Bus Station
  • CVT offers visual inspection of the turnstile systems

  • We will check the main power supply and include checking the charging rates

  • We will visually check and secure all moving parts and adjust mechanisms if necessary

  • We will carry out walkthrough test in entry and exit directions

  • We will install manufacturer recommended firmware updates

  • We will preform system reviews of all components

  • We work with Gunnebo to secure spare critical hardware components

We offer preventative maintenance on access control panels with service visits and maintenance inspections

Server Room
  • Our team offers monthly scheduled maintenance to test all system controllers and headend equipment 

  • Visual inspection of the system

  • Checking main power supply and battery power supply

  • Cleaning control panels

  • Checking operation of all system components and recording any variations

  • Alerting the customer of any damages, failures, or items likely to cause a failure

  • Installing manufacturer recommended firmware updates

Working with the Best Partners, Vendors and Products

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